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Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Unilag have started uploading the 2021/2022 postgraduate admission list online and you might just want to check below. Please take note that upload of admission list will continue till January ending. So if you are yet to see your name on the list, have patience and keep checking the link below for updates. You can also subscribe to our free email updates as Instructed below so you don’t miss out on any updates henceforth.

Drop a comment below to let us know how far, if you have seen your name on the list or not if you have received an admission offered text message as explained HERE. Also let us know the course you applied for in the comment please so that we know if there is any assistance we can provide for you.

Choose your programme type by clicking on any of the links below.

  1. Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Pro
  2. Masters Programmes
  3. Master Of Philosophy (M.Phil)
  4. Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D)
  5. Masters (College Of Medicine, Idi Araba)
  6. Master Of Philosophy (College Of Medicine Idi Araba)
  7. Postgraduate Diploma (College Of Medicine, Idi Araba)
  8. Doctor Of Philosophy (College Of Medicine, Idi Araba)

Always check the links above to see if more names have been added because more and more names will be added from now till January ending as admission process is still ongoing at the moment.

To know your exact score in the entrance exam, you can read this post on How To Check Your Entrance Exam Score

Important: There is an important updates coming up soon about the admission list and registration. You can subscribe to our free email updates as Instructed below in order not to miss out.

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By Timothy Ozovehe

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89 thoughts on “2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Admission list Already Being Uploaded Online, Check Here”
    1. Good evening sir,
      I saw my name on the list.
      But I’m yet to receive any message from the school. What do you think I should do?

      1. Good morning I applied for geography education and I did not see the program on the admission list. No geography education at all on the list

          1. There is nothing like masters of public Administration on the list, is it work in process or what should I do

      2. please sir, i applied for public health part time. and my result shows am recommended, but i have not been able to log into the student portal to continue my registration.

    2. Thanks for the information.

      Good job as usual, keep it up bro.

      Please, guide us on what should be done after this admission list.

      Thanks once again.

    3. Please I applied for Masters public Administration part time but I can’t find the course amongst the released results at all

          1. Good day,
            I put in for masters program in Educational Management, in master of Education in Educational Administration and Planning. (Full Time).
            I have checked the list of programs, but could not find the course and department.

          2. My course is not on the list and I am still unable to login are you assuring me to wait and I’ll still be able to login. Today is Friday .

      1. Hello Timothy,

        Kindly assist with any information about PGD BA, general management.

        Am yet to see any list and need to understand the next action.

        Best regards

      2. Hi Timothy. Thanks for the constant updates. Please do you have any idea when resumption will be? For this newly admitted set of post graduate students.

  1. Please oooo, is it straight to admission, what about our scores? And how will those who ain’t admitted see/know their performance? Even those who saw their admission is still very much interested in knowing their scores, how can one write exams without result. Please unilag should follow the usual way n send everyone their scores

    1. I have been checking too .. I didn’t see it .. I guess they haven’t uploaded it yet .. inshallah it will come out great

  2. Good evening. I registered for PGDE, Education Administration and Planning, part time, but I didn’t see my name on the list.

  3. Good evening, please am yet to receive any tex and I need an update on the admission status PGD BA general mgt. Hassan

  4. Good day Mr Timothy, you are doing a good job keep it up. Please I can’t find Msc Electrical and Electronic engineering (power option part time) in the programs you uploaded.

    1. Hello Mr Timothy

      I had 40.45 civil Engineering (Water option)Full Time. I got a mail from the department early this month stating that I can change my programme to PT with score therefore I have written the letter for change of programme and submitted it to the department. Please, I would like to ask, what’s my chance of still getting admitted even though my admission status still reads “Not Recommended”.Thanks

      1. I think you should follow up and be hopeful that the department can accommodate you, because they are only 4 on the list for now

  5. My result has been uploaded on my portal and I was recommended but I have not seen the list on the portal. What do I do now?

  6. Sir. I have paid my fees, but on attempt to register my courses the portal keeps telling to pay obligatory fee, which I had already paid. What do I do?

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