How Many Of You Have Registered For The 2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Programme ? Drop a Comment Below 👇

2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate application form is still very much on sale and you can get registered via this link; Registration Procedures For 2021/2022 Academic session Now how many of you have registered, indicate in the comment section below and tell us the courses you registered for and we will tell you if there is anything

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If you have any enquiries begging for answers regarding any of Unilag’s programme either undergraduate or postgraduate, please use the comment section below to drop it and I will reply as soon as possible. Oya let’s go 👇👇👇

Meet UNILAG Overall Best Graduating Student For 2018/2019 Academic Session

Alimi Ibrahim Adedeji emerged as the overall best graduating student in UNILAG for the academic calendar 2018/2019. He achieved this with a CGPA of 4.98 out of 5.0. Alimi Ibrahim Adedeji, now a graduate of mechanical engineering, is also a two-time delegate at the Annual Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo) Annual Scholars Connect Programme.

2020/2021 Unilag Clearance For Admitted Postgraduate Students Is Still Ongoing

Many are still asking if they can still go to the school of postgraduate studies in Akoka to do their clearance since the deadline given already passed. Yes you can go to the school in person to complete your clearance and pay your fees. You can follow the detailed guide on how to begin your

Have You Applied For 2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Programme ? How To Apply & What To Do After Application 👇👇

2021/2022 Unilag postgraduate application form is still very much on sale and you can apply if you are yet to. Just follow this link; 2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Application Procedures For details. If you already applied then you need to start preparing for the entrance exam as soon as possible. First, get the entrance examination past

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If you have any enquiries you want to make relating to any Unilag programme, quickly use the comment section below right now and I will reply as soon as possible. I have been away for sometimes now and I want to quickly use this thread to make up for any unattended to enquiries. Let’s go,

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate List; Will There Be a Supplementary Admission ?

Many are wondering if there will be another admission status released for those who are hopeful and are yet to be Recommended for 2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate admission. Well! Unilag already started registration/clearance for those on recommended status which means those on recommended admission status are those admitted already on merit. What happened To Others; Unilag

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List; There Are Opportunities In This Department

According to Unilag’s management Candidates on NOT QUALIFIED or NOT RECOMMENDED status but scored up to 40% in the Qualifying Examination may wish to change to any of the (PART TIME) Programmes that have few vacancies left, including the following: Respective Admission Requirements for these programmes are provided on the Application via this link; Unilag Postgraduate Requirement For All

Are You Recommended For 2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission & You Are Yet To Gain Access To Student Portal ? Do This;

Incase you don’t know, Unilag already published registration/clearance procedures for those that got Recommended status on their entrance exam result. I noticed many are still complaining that they are yet to be able to login to the admitted student portal despite the fact that they got recommended status. If you are part of those in

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List; Registration Procedures For Those On Recommended Admission Status

If your Unilag Postgraduate admission status or remark on your entrance results is recommended then welcome to Unilag for sure. Previously, Unilag has sent the entrance exam score to all applicants email and I hope you received yours including the admission status. The registration and clearance procedures for all admitted students on recommended admission status

2021 UTME: JAMB urges candidates to complete registration June 15

The UTME candidates who have not registered but have secured the profile codes and initiated the registration process are expected to visit specially designated registration centres to complete the registration. Following the announcement of another two-week extension of registration deadline for candidates who had commenced the registration process for the 2021 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination

2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form Now On Sale, Apply Now; Here Are The Details

Many are still asking me via my various platforms on when the 2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate application form for masters and PGD programmes will be on sale. Well! It’s already on sale and I already gave the details here days back. If you are interested in applying for any of the courses, you can find registration