2022/2023 Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam Score and Remarks Now Online, How To Analyse The Result & What Next To Do ? - Unilag Admission Guide

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Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

Many questions on how to check the 2022/2023 Unilag Postgraduate entrance exam score and how to know whether you will be admitted or not judging from the various remarks on the results.

To check your score, just go to the application portal; applications.unilag.edu.ng and click on continue application and then login with your application number and surname as password.

After login the link to check result score will be displayed on top of the page.

There will be one of these remarks on your results such us; Recommended, Not Recommended, Not Set, Not Qualified, etc

What do the remarks means for your admission and what next can you do to secure your admission based on these remarks ? Please read the full explanation and Guidance via this link; Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Examination Score And Remarks Explained

Note: Before you contact me via any of my channels for further explanations either WhatsApp(07065298446) or any of my social channels just make sure you read and understand This post; Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Examination Score And Remarks Explained first 👌🏿

If your admission is a success already and you have been notified by Unilag either through a text message or email then start your clearance procedures immediately. You can message me on WhatsApp 07065298446 for the necessary guidance on how to go through your clearance and final screening.

You can also use the comment section below for further enquiries and I will reply as soon as possible. You can send a message on WhatsApp.

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