Unilag Post Utme Questions Area Of Concentration & What To Expect

Unilag post ume comprises of 40 questions which cuts across Mathematics, Use of English and General Paper and the time allotted for this examination will be just 30minutes.The examination will definitely be a computer based test (CBT).

Before I massacre the subjects aforementioned, let me quickly remind you that aside KNOWLEDGE, Unilag also tests for CAPS (Calmness, Accuracy, Precision and Speed) in her POST UME.

So as you seek genuine knowledge in Mathematics, Use of English and General Paper that will enable you do well, work on your CAPS too.

Now let’s see the topics/areas you need profound knowledge in with regards the respective subjects listed above…..;
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How Prepared Are You For 2016/2017 Unilag Post Utme, Do This To Help Yourself

Are you ready now? Very soon the application form will be on sale. How prepared are you? Have you gone through the past questions and answers and also the likely questions and answers which we compiled to help you know what kinda question to expect during the exams. It’s very important you get a hold of this 2016/2017 Unilag post Utme likely questions and answers/past questions and answers(click this link to get yours).

If you are yet to order for yours at this time, then it shows how serious you really are to give the exam your best shot.

2016/2017 Unilag post Utme form is likely to be on sale June/July, yeah nothing specific yet. I will keep you all posted in my subsequent posts. You can subscribe here in order not to miss out.

If you are to rank your preparation on a scale of 1-100%, will you say you are 100% ready for this? Share your answer in the comment below, I will really like to know.

Help yourself prepare well by ordering for the past questions and answers/likely questions. To order click…>>>How to get Unilag post Utme past questions and answers/likely questions for 2016/2017 post Utme

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Application Forms Currently On Sale In Unilag As At May 2016

I get lot of mails on daily basis from readers wishing to know which of the forms are currently on sale in Unilag. This is post will just shed light on the forms currently on sale and what to do if you wish to apply for any of the programmes.

Below are the list of Programme application forms that are currently on sale in any of the banks in Unilag; Read the rest of this entry

How To Print Out Your 2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call Up Letter 

Am glad to inform you all that 2016 NYSC Batch A stream 2 call up letter is now online and you can print yours right away.

To print your 2016 NYSC Batch A stream 2 call up letter, click….>>>>How to print NYSC call up letter and follow the simple guide.

May God guide you all where you are posted to. All the best! 

If you have any further enquiries, please use the comment section below.

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Pass 2016/2017 Unilag Post Utme Very Well With These Hot Tip

The number one thing needed to pass Unilag post UTME is confidence. You need to work on your confidence.

From experience I have noticed that nothing kills students chances more than panicking inside the examination hall. Some will panic and panic until they pressed what they are not suppose to press and before you know it their computer system is off and that’s the end of the exam. Chikena!!!

How do you work on your confidence 

First you need to get yourself familiarized with the kinda question they normally ask. The only way to do this is by going through Unilag post UTME past questions and answers over and over again. When you know deep inside of you that you VE really prepared for an exam nothing will scare you and you won’t doubt yourself. That’s the the mindset needed to pass Unilag post UTME.

Secondly, you need to learn to work with time. Unilag post UTME questions will be 40 Questions( english, Maths and General paper) for 30 minutes. This means you will be spending less than one minute on each question.

As you revise past questions and answers, also make sure you put time into consideration. Get used to the kinda question they normally set and your time management will also increased.

Now this important;
Get the real past questions and answers not junks or suggested questions. We already have them in place. You can click How To Get Unilag Post UTME Past Questions And answers to get yours in soft copy that will be forwarded to any email address you give to us. You can print out from the email address if you so wish or study them directly from your device.

I always suggests students go for the soft copy. The soft copy is much better packaged.
As you study them you will get familiar with the kinda question they do set and your confidence towards passing the exam will also increase. To read last year’s student testimonies, click Unilag Admission Guide Testiminials

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Masters Of Public Health(MPH) & M.Sc Public Health; Differences, Requirements, Duration & Cost 

The masters of public health and Msc public health runs under the department of community health in the university of Lagos.

The main difference between masters of public health(MPH) and Msc Public Health is that while the MPH is a professional masters Programme qualification entailing preceptorships and postings to local government council and industrial health services, the Msc public health is an academic master degree Programme with option in health management, epidemiology, medical statistics & general public health options.

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Closing Date For 2016/2017 Jamb Change Of Course/Institution Form Announced 

If you participated in 2016/2017 jamb Utme excercise then pay attention to this .

This is to inform you that jamb has announced that the 2016/2017 jamb Utme change of course/institution form will close on Friday 13th of May 2016. 

If you have any intention of changing your institution or course please do so now by consulting the relevant agency around you.

Spread the message.

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Master Of Business Administration(MBA) In Unilag; Requirements, Duration & Cost

Masters of business administration(MBA) is a Programme that attracts students from various discipline and prepare them for higher positions in Managment through the use of appropriate teaching aids, business games, class room lectures and projects.

The MBA programmes seeks to develop today the inquisitive and analytical complexity of modern organizations.

Entrance Requirements 
We have three types of MBA Programme in Unilag; Full time(day), Part time(evening) & Executive(weekends)…. Read the rest of this entry

Between Unilag Post Utme & Unilag Foundation Programme Entrance Exams

Someone asked me; ‘is it possible for me to write Unilag post Utme and still apply to write the Unilag foundation entrance exam?’

Yes, it’s possible. There is no contradiction between unilag post Utme & Unilag foundation Programme. Infact, Unilag foundation Programme is a very good back up plan should in case the post Utme performance didn’t turn out as expected…. Read the rest of this entry

2015/2016 Unilag 1st Semester Examination Begins

2015/2016 Unilag 1st semester exams will begin in all faculties starting today 9th of May 2016. Students are to confirm their examination time-table from the various Faculties/Departments.
I wish you all akokaites the best of luck in your exams.

Build Up To The Release Of 2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form

I wrote in one of my previous post that 2016/2017 Unilag postgraduate application form should be on sale around June/July and even the there is the possibility of releasing the form towards late May 2016.

This post is just to let you know that we are watching out for you and as soon as the form drops you will get all the details you need right here at UnilagAdmissionGuide. We will also provide registration assistance and help you prepare well for the entrance exams by providing for you relevant materials.

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2016/2017 Unilag ICE(Sandwich) Application Form Is Out

The Institute of Continuing Education(ICE) in collaboration with the Faculty of Education is requesting qualified candidates to apply for admission into the Sandwich programmes run by the Faculty of Education as listed below: Read the rest of this entry

How To Know When 2016/2017 Unilag Post Utme Form Is On Sale

Many have been asking me when the 2016/2017 Unilag post Utme form will be on sale. I just want to give you guys tips on how to know when the form is on sale in order for you not to fall victim of various Internet fraud. 

A guy almost fell victim last week when a man he met online told him the form is already on sale and that the form will close the next day and that he can help him to purchase the form immediately. He ask the guy to pay money into an account and thank God the guy called me to confirm. That was when he realized that it was a scam attempt. Read the rest of this entry

Unilag Senate Suspends Its Student Union Government Till Futher Notice

Senate, at its emergency meeting of Friday, April 22, 2016 considered the Report of the Investigative Panel as well as the recommendations from the Committee of Provost and Deans on same and directed that, in view of the violent and disruptive nature of the protest:
a. The University of Lagos Student Union (ULSU) Constitution should be suspended until further notice.

Read the rest of their decision below….
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Unilag To Resume Academic Activities Following The Recent Students Protest

Authorities of the University of Lagos, Unilag, have announced Monday 2nd of May as the resumption date for all undergraduate students of the institution, following the recent students’ protest that led to an indefinite shut down of the institution. Read the full resumption and examinations details below… Read the rest of this entry

Boost Your Chances With This 2016/2017 Unilag Post Utme Likely Questions & Answers, Get It Now 

Boost your chances with this likely 2016/2017 Unilag post Utme questions and answers compiled based on our experience. It contains maths, English and general paper just like how Unilag set it on the exam day. 

We are sure it will help you prepare well for the excercise. If you are yet to get yours, you can still order for it to be sent to your email right away. Don’t take this for granted, it can make all the difference. You will thank me later for it. 

To order; click….How To Get 2016/2017 Unilag Post Utme Likely Questions & Answers including past questions

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How To Print Out 2016 Batch A Nysc call Up Letter

2016 batch A Nysc call up letter printing portal is up and running now. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) wishes to inform all prospective Batch A 2016 corps members that they can now print their call-up letters online. Those who paid for the call up letter printing during online registration should proceed to access their call-ups on the Nysc portal.

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Best Plan B For Unilag Jambites; 2016/2017 Unilag Foundation Programme Form Is Out 

The best plan B for Unilag Jambites is Unilag foundation Programme(Unilag Jupeb) and the application form for 2016/2017 academic session is currently on sale.

If you are not sure if your performance in the last Utme exam will pull you through, then you can also go for this Unilag foundation Programme as a back up should in case things don’t turn out as expected.

Unilag foundation Programme also known as Unilag Jupeb is a year Programme in any course of your choice after which you can use the result to Read the rest of this entry

2015/2016 Unilag Foundation Students Are Fully In Session & Not Affected By Unrest

 Students of the School of Foundation Studies are hereby informed that lectures are going on at the various faculties and that the Second In course Assessment is still scheduled to hold from Monday, 18 – Thursday, April 22, 2016. Read the rest of this entry

2016/2017 Unilag Foundation Programme Application Form Is Out, Full Registration Details Here

This year Unilag decided to release  the foundation Programme(formerly Unilag Diploma) application form ealier than they did last year. This Programme is also known as Unilag Jupeb. Below is the detail guide on how to get registered for the programme.

 If you live outside Lagos or in Lagos and you want me and my team to help you go through the registration process on a contractual agreement In order to avoid any mistake on your part, send me a personal mail to; Read the rest of this entry

About 2016/2017 Unilag Post Utme, Ask Your Questions Here

We all know 2016/2017 Unilag post Utme is around the corner and everybody is getting set for the excercise. I have also on my own part been trying my possible best to help you guys prepare well by providing for all prospective students the basic needs needed to succeed during the post utme excercise. Basic needs such as… Read the rest of this entry

2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form Will Soon Be On Sale, Make Your Enquiries Here

2016/2017 Unilag postgraduate application form for all programmes(masters, postgraduate diplomas & PhDs) will be on sale pretty soon. We can expect the application form to be on sale anytime from beginning of May 2016. It usually comes up around may-June.

This post is created to attend to your enquiries, all you need do right now is to make use of the comment section below to ask your questions and I will reply as soon as possible. If any of the enquiries are too large for me to answer via comment section then I will create a new post to answer the enquiries.

I will advise you to Read the rest of this entry

Special Announcement! 2015/2016 Second Semester In-course Assesment For Unilag Foundation

 The School of Foundation Studies Unilag is informing the entire students and their Parents/Guardians that the 2015/2016 Second Semester in-course Assessment starts from Monday, April 18 to Friday, April 22, 2016. It is therefore compulsory for every student to bring along his/her Biometric Identity Card to the examination venue at Distant Learning Institute.

  1. Students without their Biometric Identity Cards will not be allowed into the Examination Halls.
  2. Verification starts two hours before the examination.
  3. All the verified candidates must be seated in the Examination Halls 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  4. No student will be permitted to be verified 30 minutes after the commencement of the examination.

Attend Arctic Conference Tutorial & Pass Unilag Post Utme & Foundation Programme With Flying Colours 

Attend Arctic conference tutorial and pass Unilag post Utme or Unilag foundation Programme with flying colors. I recommended them for 2016/2017 jamb Utme and those who did attended confirmed they did very well. It has being in existence since 1995.

They are located at;

 15, University Road, Abule-Oja, Akoka, Lagos. (Just like 5 buildings to Unilag Main first gate)

Pictures of the institution below!!! They specializes in anything undergraduate admission for Unilag.


For 2016/2017 Post  Utme exam/ Unilag foundation Programme,  Arctic conference will also be a good place for you to start the journey. They will help you prepare effectively for the forthcoming Unilag post  Utme and Unilag foundation Programme entrance exams.

They offer so many services for admission seekers as you can see in the pictures above. They also offer professional advise regarding the courses to either choose or switch to for bette admission chances.

For Enquiries;
 call 08143173277, 07011027644 or simply pay them a visit.

Will tell you more about Arctic conference in my subsequent posts.

 You can call the numbers(08143173277, 07011027644) for enquiries now or pay them a visit.

Prospective Unilag Jambites, Did You Get The Email I Sent To You Yesterday?

I published a post yesterday stating that I was gonna send the remaining materials(The Likely Unilag post Utme questions and answers for 2016 compiled from 2012-2015 past questions) to your email. That’s for those who had ordered for the Unilag post Utme  past questions and answers last month and we had to send only part 1(2005-2011) to them cos the part 2(2012-2015) wasn’t ready as at then. Did you all received the mail?

I have also sent the complete package( Unilag post Utme past question and answers/likely questions for 2016 Unilag post Utme) to everyone that ordered altogether.

If you are yet to get any outstanding materials from us, please reply the initial mail I sent to you and we will forward it down to you immediately.

Please go through those materials with due deligent, they are capable of firing you to the top comes Unilag post Utme 2016/2017.

Now, If you are yet to get any of these materials at all, just know that you are lagging behind a great deal. I Wil advise you to get yours right away. They will help you prepare better for the forthecoming Unilag post Utme. If you click Unilag Admission Guide Testimonials, you will read the testimony of current Unilag students who has benefited from our guide in the past.

To order for all these materials put together is very easy, just click…>>>How To Get Unilag Post Utme Past Questions & Answers/ 2016/2017 Unilag Post Utme Likely Questions & Answers and follow the simple guide to get yours.
Did you get my mail yesterday? Are you enjoying yourself with the materials already? Share your experience so far with us using the comment section below. Related enquiries are also welcome.

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