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2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form Now On Sale, Apply Now; Here Are The Details

Many are still asking me via my various platforms on when the 2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate application form for masters and PGD programmes will be on sale. Well! It’s already on sale and I already gave the details here days back. If you are interested in applying for any of the courses, you can find registration

Registration & Screening Procedure For All Admitted 2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Students On ‘Recommended’ Admission Status

It’s time for registration and clearance procedures for all those that got the recommended admission status for 2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Programme. If your entrance exam results was sent to your email with the recommended admission status then you can proceed with these steps to register as a bonfide students of Unilag. Congrats on your admission!

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List; How Many Of You Have Seen Your Admission & How Many Are Yet To Be Admitted ? Drop Your Status In The Comment & Let’s Know How Far

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate admission processing is still ongoing even though there is a new application form for 2021/2022 academic session also currently ongoing. (๐Ÿ‘ˆFollow the link to apply for the new programme if you want to) Now how many of you have received your admission text message already orย  have been able to login into

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List; More Students Are Now Able To Confirm Their Admission & Granted Access To The Student Portal

As published earlier the 2020/2021 unilag postgraduate successful admission text messages are currently going out in batches to all successful students daily. Have you got any text message from Unilag SPGS yet ? Well! Not all successful students will get text messages due to one reason or the other especially as a result network issues.

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List; Clarifying Issues With Certificate or Transcript

Even as we expect Unilag’s management to release the 2020/2021 postgraduate admission list, let’s quickly clarify this particular enquiry about original certificate, statement of result and transcript and it’s relevant to your admission. Unilag allows statement of result or notification of result at the point of application that is getting the form and applying for

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission Status Is Recommended Or Not; What Should I Do Next ???

I am sure by now, you all have received your entrance exam score and the admission status that followed the results. There are about five different kinds of remarks/status you will see on your results and I already explained that in my previous post here; Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam Scores & Remarks Explained Now what

Your Unilag Postgraduate Enquires For 2020/2021/2022 Here & Now, I Will Reply As Soon As Possible;

Please kindly use the comment section below to drop all your Unilag Postgraduate Programme Enquiries and I will reply as soon as possible. You enquiries might be about the 2020/2021 Unilag postgraduate admission list which will be released soon or The new application form for 2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Programme which is currently on sale. Just

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission Status Now Being Sent To Your Email, Have You Seen Yours ?

Few days ago Unilag sent results of all 2020/2021 postgraduate applicants that wrote the entrance exam via their respective email addresses. As at today, there is another email being forwarded to all applicants and this time the results again and admission status/Remarks inclusive. There are 5 types of remarks that usually appears on the results

Just Incase You Don’t Know Yet; 2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form Is On Sale & You Can Apply Now

Yes the application form for 2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Academic Session is currently on sale. For the full details on how to apply and the courses available and also tuition fees for individual programmes, please follow this link; 2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form, Full Details On How To Apply Plus Registration Assistance

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam Result; Have You Seen Yours ? Check Now & Drop Your Score & Course In The Comment

How many of you have received your entrance exam score via email already ? I guess the complains has become unbearable for Unilag management and they have decided to send every Candidate’s score to their email address. You all complained of not seeing your result and now you have it in your email. If you

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List; You Might Have Been Given Admission Already Without You Knowing, Do This To Check Now

Yes, You might have been given admission already without you knowing. Well if you cant wait for the admission list and you are just in a hurry to check there is a way to check somehow now while you wait for the real admission list. Although if you can’t confirm your admission now through this

Unilag Business School Admits 37 For Executive MBA Program

The University of Lagos Business School, ULBS, has admitted the second set of students for its executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a promise to continue producing managers that would fit into the competitive global market. Speaking during an interactive session and reception for the ULBS participants for the 2020/2021 session, the Chair, Advisory

How To Check Available Unilag Undergraduate and & Postgraduate Courses, Requirement, Fees and Duration For All Programmes

For your planning purposes it is good for you to know the various Unilag Postgraduate (masters, PGD) and Undergraduate (BSC, B.Ed, B.A etc) available and their financial implications. If you are hoping to go for any programme in Unilag be it undergraduate or Postgraduate and you don’t know the requirements or cost implication then this

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List; How To Print Out Your Admission Letter If You Already Got a Text Message

Currently, Unilag is sending out text messages in batches to successful 2020/2021 postgraduate applicants that wrote the entrance exam earlier this year. Please take note that the text message are going out in batches, so if you are yet to get yours on successful admission just wait for it or better still wait for the

2020/2021 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List & Why You Are Yet To Get An Admission Text Message

To us as a blog we know it is normal, Unilag always follow their own process when it comes to postgraduate admission. Its First the entrance exam after sales of form followed by release of results then admission text message and finally the merit and supplementary admission list. Few weeks ago Unilag released the entrance