Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Justina Dauda, a Taraba State University student, has celebrated her graduation at the young age of 19 and as a ‘virgin’ 

Taking to Facebook on Sunday, January 16, the Political Science and International Relations graduate declared herself as the youngest prospective corps member from Taraba State. 

“I shed tears when I saw my name among the list of graduating students. Free to call me corper Justina (virgin corper)” she wrote.

“Youngest corper from taraba state at the age of 19. It can only be God”

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By Timothy Ozovehe

Timothy Ozovehe is a Digital Media Expert & Blogger who is passionate about educating, informing and giving the general public knowledge that will benefits them in their day to day life.

One thought on “19-Year-Old Student Celebrates As She Graduates The University As A ‘Virgin’”
  1. Unrelated, but a university abroad asked for my transcript and course description. I just want to know if you understand what they mean by course description and where I can get it from or if I can do it myself. Thanks in advance

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