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This page contains guides on how to order for the Unilag postgraduate Entrance Examination Past questions and Answers(MBA, MSc & PGD) materials.

These materials are not always easy for us to come bye. Please we will advise you to take the revision of these materials very seriously as they have proven over the years to be very useful and revising them will help you to pass the entrance exam with ease. Trust me on that 👌

Current and Past students of the Unilag Postgraduate school can testify about our materials and how they actually helped them pass the test with ease. You can read their testimonies via this link Unilag Postgraduate Entrance exam experiences & testimonials to read.

Below are the list of the available courses that we currently have in soft copy(PDF format to be forwarded to your email as soon as you order for it) and their prices. You can order for yours to be sent to your email now!

If the course you are interested in is not listed, please call any of the two numbers at the end of this post to know how you can get it as soon as possible.

All Departments Under Masters Of Arts & Social Science Education(All Courses Available) -3000

Msc Pharmacognosy – 3000

Msc Anatomy. -3000

Msc Physics -3000

PGD Mathematics -3000

PGD Statistics -3000

Msc Mathematics -3000

Msc Statistics -3000

M.A International Relations -3000

Msc Microbiology -3000

Msc Political Science -3000

M.Ed Educational Administration & Planning -3000

M. Ed Educational Psychology-3000

M. Ed Economics Education —-3000

M.Ed  English Education -3000

M.Ed Christian Religious Studies -3000

Postgraduate Diploma In Education(PGDE) 3000

Msc Mass Communication -3000

Msc Biochemistry -3000

Msc Medical Microbiology 3000

Msc Medical Parasitology -3000

Masters of Information technology(MIT) -3000

Msc Publich Health(All Options) -3000

Masters Of Public Health(MPH) -3000

Masters In International Law & Diplomacy(MILD) -3000

Masters Of Law (L.L.M) -3000

Msc Sociology 3000

Masters of Criminology – 3000

M.A History & Strategic Studies -3000

M.A English Language 3000

M.A English Literature 3000

Masters in Diplomacy & Strategic studies – 3000

Masters Of Education In Early childhood education – 3000

Msc Estate Management – 3000

Masters In Facility Management – 3000

Msc Accounting -3000

PGD Accounting -3000

Msc Marketing -3000

Msc Organisation Behaviour -3000

Msc Psychology(All option 3000)

PGD Psychology -3000

Masters Of managerial psychology -3000

Masters of Risk Management -3000

Msc Risk Management -3000

Msc Computer Science -3000

Msc Cell Biology & Genetics 3000

PGD Cell Biology & Genetics 3000

Msc Environmental Biology -3000

Pgd Computer Sceience -3000

Pgd Mass Communication -3000

Msc Chemical Engineering -3000

Master of Process Engineering(MPE) -3000

Pgd Chemical Engineering -3000

Pgd Electrical electronics engineering -3000

Msc Electrical electronics engineering -3000

Masters Of Business Administration(MBA) -3000

Masters In Project Management(MPM) -3000

Masters Of Geographical Information System(MGIS) -3000

Msc Geography(all options under geography) -3000

Msc Analytical Chemistry -3000

Msc Economics -3000

PGD Economics -3000

Msc Finance -3000

PGD Finance -3000

Msc Chemistry -3000

Masters In Public Admin(MPA) -3000

Msc Environmental Chemistry -3000

Masters Of Developmental Finance -3000

Msc Management -3000

Masters In Public & International Affairs(MPIA) -3000

Msc Environmental toxicology and pollution management 3000

Msc Human Resource Management or Industrial Relationsions & Personnel Management(IRPM) -3000

Masters of industrial and Labour relations(MILR) -3000

Msc Employment and Labour studies(MELS) -3000

To Order for any the materials listed above to be sent into your mail, here is what you should do now; 👇👇👇

Note: if you need to confirm anything before making payment, please feel free to call the numbers at the end of this post.

Payment Procedures
You can also make a bank transfer to any if the account details listed below 👇

Pay the sum of Amount written against your course above into any of the following account below;


1. Bank: GTBank
Account Number: 0153915140
Name: Timothy Ozovehe




2. Bank: ECObank
Account Number; 1961109846
Name: Timothy Ozovehe




3. Bank: UBA (United Bank For Africa)
Account Number: 2083774102
Name : Timothy Ozovehe




4. Bank: Access Bank

Account number: 0720986165

Name: Timothy Ozovehe

After making payments above, grab your phone and text your

full name,

email address,

phone number,

Postgraduate course:

and Teller number

to 07065298446.

(If it’s Bank Transfer, No need for teller number)

E.g. Timothy Ozovehe,, phone number, Postgraduate Msc public health and teller number to 07065298446.

You will get an immediate response from us to confirming that we did receive your message and subsequently we will forward the materials to the email address you sent to us within 30 minutes to an hour after receiving your payment.

We will also contact you via your phone number if we have any issue sending the materials to your email.

You can also call any of the numbers if you need to confirm anything before making payment for the soft copy as instructed above. Call or Whatsapp; 07065298446, 08188350534.

Yes, absolutely my and my team are highly trust worthy, you have no cause to worry because this is our our Nineth year running this blog(Since October 2012).

Use the comment section below for related enquiries and I will reply as soon as possible. Don't forget to also subscribe to our free email updates as Instructed below and you will never miss out on any updates henceforth

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